Slowing Down

Lifestyle, Spirit & Soul

Seeking a life of simplicity and stillness in a fast paced world is recipe for calm gentle days. The older we get the more we realize that the small simple things hold the most significance in life. Today, I want to encourage you to seek your own rhythm of slow.

Do Less Enjoy More

I’m sure that by now you’ve learned that the more you do in your everyday life, the faster you burn out. Re-evaluate the things in your life and your routine, and try to subtract one or two things from your plate every once in a while. Subracting from your plate will result in a life of more.

Daily Routine

While we’re on the topic of re-evaluating, now really is the time to take a moment to re-evaluate just about everything. Create new routines that will work for you today and the slow lifestyle you’re trying to create, and make room for things that bring you joy. We must be open to change when things are continuously changing around us, especially when we’re aiming for slow living.

Protect Your Time

Time is very valuable and precious. Prioritize what’s important and manage your time wisely so you don’t wonder where your time went. Protect your time like you protect your space and energy, and leave no room for the things that drain you.

Quiet The Noise

For a lot of us, our first instinct in the morning is to reach for our phones, check our emails, play some music, or listen to a podcast in the morning before mentally preparing for this new day we’ve been blessed to see. We often go on with our days without ever creating moments of peace by simply being still in the morning. Start your day with gratitude, sit in silence, hear the birds chirp, take it all in. You want to build intention for your day free of mind clutter, quieting the voices around you will give volume to yours.

Be Present in Every Moment

What a blessing it is to wake up to see another day. We rush through our day and don’t realize what a miracle it is to be alive. Stop rushing through life and enjoy every moment. Be present. Stop trying to do everything all at once, multitasking is great but it can also pull you in different directions and it can be overwhelming at times. We’re trying to slow down, not live on auto pilot. One task at a time will allow you to be fully present.

Create A Life You Really Love

You hold the power to create a routine you really love; the best way to slow down is to create margin for the things you love doing! You can change and subtract anything you feel that isn’t fuel to purposeful slow living. Find beauty in the mundane, mostly always, it’s the little things in life that brings us the most comfort and joy.

“There is magic in simple everyday life” -Sally M.