Postpartum + Baby Must Haves


If you don’t follow me on Instagram you probably missed the announcement of our baby boy’s arrival. Our little one arrived July 9th, 2019, healthy as can be, and we are so over the moon with him.

Today, I will be sharing a few of my postpartum must haves that have made this beautiful season go a whole lot smoother for me.

The first on my list:

Lansinoh Laninol Cream-

Nipple Cream is my best friend the first couple of weeks entering my postpartum journey, and if you’re familiar with breast feeding then I’m sure you understand why. But, if you’re a first time mom who’s planning to breast feed, trust me when I say it’s a definite must have. This nipple cream soothes & relieves the pain of any cracked nipples. I like to apply a generous amount after every feeding.

Blanqi High Waisted Nursing Leggings-

I’ve never been one to splurge on leggings before, but I really wanted to give these a try after reading all the reviews on these and I was not disappointed! They became my favorite pair of leggings at first try, they’re extremely comfortable and they hug & hold everything nice & tight. They’re a little on the pricier side, but they are totally worth it.

Bellefit Corset-

I can’t believe it took me four pregnancies to finally get myself a girdle. I’ve always just used the binder I leave the hospital with, but this time around I wanted something more effective. This makes my third cesarean so I ended up going with a girdle that’s safe & c-section approved. It’s still too early to see any results since I’ve only used it a few times, but I have high hopes & expectations. Not only does the girdle help with my posture, but it’s also been a great support to my abdominal & incision area. I’m excited to see some progress and results in the weeks coming ahead.

Stainless Water Bottle-

Staying hydrated is key when breast feeding. Since I broke my last bottle a while back, the hubs picked up this stainless 3-1 water cup for me, and I love it. It keeps my water nice & cold for hours, I have the option of drinking from the straw or not if I’d like, and it’s perfect for when on the go (it fits in my car’s cup holder perfectly).

Boppy Pillow-

I mentioned this makes my third cesarean, this boppy pillow has been such a huge help when I’m holding my baby close & feeding him. Especially the first few days of recovery, I lacked a lot of strength & this pillow gave me all the support I needed. Boppy pillows are a great support for feeding & for propping baby for tummy time & sitting when they’re ready.

Dock A Tot-

We were gifted a Dock A Tot & it has been such a life saver during nap time. The first week we came home from the hospital, Baby was having such a hard time sleeping anywhere that weren’t my arms or my chest. Our Dock A Tot has come to our rescue most nights as it helps baby sleep comfortably for a couple of hours at a time. We love it and we couldn’t be happier with our Dock A Tot. Happy baby = happy mama.

I hope you enjoyed & found this post helpful one way or another. I’d love to hear what were/are some of your favorite postpartum must haves in the comments down below if you have any you’d like to share! (: