Wardrobe Refresh + Shopping Smart

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Cleaning out your closet can be one of the most liberating things you can do. I’ve learned a few things over the last few months that have helped me downsize to a wardrobe that speak true to who I am. Today, I’ll be sharing what has helped make this process easier for me + a few shopping tips I’ve picked up that help prevent me from overspending.

Keep only those things that speak to the heart. -Marie Kondo

Cleaning Out Your Closet

The easiest way to start is by following the KonMarie Method. Take your entire wardrobe and place it over your bed for you to go through, and make 2-3 piles. Donations, Keep, & Sell. Do this on a day you have a few hours to spare so that you may try on any pieces you’re unsure of. This is the time to get rid of anything you haven’t worn in months or anything you’ve outgrown and no longer fit your lifestyle. Letting go of certain pieces may be harder than you think, but I can guarantee that you’ll feel a lot lighter when you finally do. Make room for the new and improved you, and discard of anything taking up unnecessary space.

Where to Donate and Sell

You can easily donate to any local thrift shops in your town nowadays. Find your nearest thrift shop and donate what you can. If you find that you have more than a few clothing pieces that are of great value and are still in great condition, you may want to consider joining a marketplace platform where you can list clothing items (+more) for sale. The one I’m currently using is Poshmark. I’ve had a pretty good experience selling my preloved pieces through the app, and as a new seller I found it pretty easy to use.

Tips for Shopping Smart

The 4 Q’s

Whenever out shopping, ask yourself:

+ Do I really need this or do I want this?”

+ Can I and will I wear this on more than one occasion?

+ Can I make the most out of said piece? (Can you wear this repeatedly styled differently?)


If you don’t already have a system you follow when shopping, try this the next time. The answers to these questions should help make the decision of moving forward (or not) easier for you.

Identify Your Style

Identifying & knowing your style will simplify your curating and shopping by helping you stick to what you know you look best and feel most comfortable in. Are you more of a casual everyday kind of gal? Or maybe preppy or boho chic or vintage speak more your style. Define your style and go from there.

Colors and Textures

I tend to get over clothing pieces very quickly so I’ve become a little picky about what I add to my wardrobe, give yourself permission to do the same. Stick to the color palette and textures you know and will always love no matter the season we’re in. Be extra picky when it comes to busy patterns. Will you like this busy pattern after one or two wears?

Staples > Trends

In a world where trends come and go as fast as the next day, shopping practical for your everyday lifestyle is key when building a wardrobe that is true to yourself. Trends are temporary, think something long lasting and invest in staple pieces instead.

Quality over Quantity

If you’re looking for long lasting clothing pieces take the plunge and invest if you can. It is not the quantity in your wardrobe that matter, but the quality.

Sale or No Sale?

How many times have you bought something just because it’s on sale? I’m not saying to stop shopping sales altogether, we all love a good sale, but what I really mean is, stop buying things you like just because it’s 20% off. It’s important to be mindful of what and why you shop.

Seasonal Shopping

This can be done one or two ways. Only shop once during season, or shop for the season ahead when sales hit the stores. Again, sales are great, just keep your “why” in mind.


Thrifting is one way to help the environment by shopping ethically all while spending less. Sustainable shopping is something I would love to get into in the near future. Have you heard of conscious shopping before? Check out your local thrift shops, you never know what great vintage pieces you may get lucky finding.

One In One Out

The one in one out rule is simple. Each time you bring in one new item, take one out to donate or sell. This will help you establish boundaries and limits, and will help prevent further clutter and buildup.

Building a wardrobe that you really love can take time, be patient with this journey and embrace it wherever you stand. I hope you found these tips useful and that you’re motivated to start your new wardrobe journey. If you already have tips of your own that work great for you, I’d love to read them in the comment section down below!

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?” -Matthew 6:25