What’s In My Hospital Bag? (+Free Checklist)


My pregnancy is finally coming to an end and as I nest & continue to prep for baby boy’s arrival, I wanted to share all the things I’m packing in mine and Baby’s hospital bag.

Prepping your baby’s diaper bag is so exciting and if you’re a first time mom who’s expecting, let me just say that you are just as important. Getting your own hospital bag ready is also a must! I remember being clueless when it came to packing when I delivered my firstborn almost a decade ago, and lucky for you, this makes my fourth delivery & checklists are kinda sort of my thing. I made these lists with all mamas-to-be in mind (myself included of course), and I am so happy to be sharing them with you today. Keeping it simple and ONLY mentioning what I know is truly necessary.

I didn’t include “Chapstick” on my list since I always happen to carry one with me, but in case you’re not a Chapstick fanatic, please make sure to pack one in your bag as it will surely come in handy!

Last topic I want to touch base on while we’re here is hospital food. It’s not always the best if I’m being honest, so you may want to bring snacks along with you. Anything light & healthy is always best as your body heals & recovers, especially if you plan on nursing your baby! A special thanks to my mama who always sends me soups & “caldos” during my hospital stay, God bless her heart.

I hope these lists serve you great purpose, and that they’ve at least given you an idea on what to bring with you the day you deliver. Good luck mama, and best of wishes to you and your bundle on the way!


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